Thailand Trippu

I just realized I go to Thailand every end of the year =.= Whats so nice about Thailand? Hahaha.

A very long and tiring trip. Sat in the bus for more than 48hours. Can you imagine?!?!

Krabi to Phuket to Hattyai



The bus. I never wanna get in a bus anymore =X There’s only ONE driver. I’m really proud of the driver. Driving all day long without looking tired and his driving skill was good!!


To the emerald pool.

It drizzled throughout the day. Bought a raincoat for myself. Only 20baht.

Rapid water flowing.  The water flows all the way to the pool, they called it EMERALD POOL.


The pool was so so so damn clear!! I can actually see the toes of the lady 😀 I wished I could jump into that pool 😦 but I can’t T___T No extra clothes to change.

I wanna swim….! But its kinda dangerous. Because its really slippery and a boy, around 7 or 8 years old slipped and fell into the pool >.< nearly drown ah! Luckily there was this man jumped into the pool right away and held the boy.

Random shot. Nice? 😉 

LOOK AT THE ANTS!!!! So scary >.< I felt itchy when I saw them.. 


A muscular man carrying the traffic lights XD So cute XD


Camwhore =X 

Watched some china entertainment show while on the way to Phuket. I slept everytime I got in the bus 😀 hahaha! Even 15minutes distance, I slept XD hahaha.

 I thought I could send email back but I can’t 😦 Didn’t know why there’s no auto roaming or something. No signal at all 😦 I hate DIGI!

I FOUND MY CAR!!!! Mazda RX-7 *hearts* This car has been my favourite car for more then 8years!! And now, I still loving it 😛


A cute statue I found outside of a toilet. Haha. So cute!!! That woman has BRACES too!!! Like me!!! XD

 Orchid lah!


I don’t remember the name of this thing =X Went to the factory. I really don’t remember =.=

 Chung chung !!!! I ate this 😀 hahahaha! Tasteless.


School!  Their uniform is nice!! Better than Malaysia school uniform =X


I LOVE the interior of this hotel. Its very classy and comfortable 😀

 I want tattoo 😦

To the beach. Went to Ha Ha Island with a speedboat for 15minutes. The island sucks =.= Feels like going to Port Dickson. Maybe the seawater is clearer than PD but still….disappoint me =.=

First thing I did in the island was PARACHUTE. And it was also the last. WTF. Hahaha. I fell from the parachute. Um. It happened like this…While I was about to land, there was three guys – one followed on my back because the wind is too strong, I can’t go on my own and another two of them were suppose to hold me so I could land properly. Before I touched the ground, the guy on my back fell down. Then my turn and the two guys GRABBED my legs!! So I fell backwards and my head hit the guy’s KNEES! I burst into tears!!!!!! So f*cking pain ah!!

An hour later, I felt dizzy and unwell. Felt like I wanted to vomit. My face turned so pale!! Then they sent me to the hospital :X

Hahahaha. Gan jiong leh. Went to x-ray and CT scan. Result: a little crack at the backbone of my neck. Nothing serious lah. But I look quite serious XD After this incident, I got no mood during the whole trip. All I had in mind was…”I wanna go home“.


This restaurant was so grand

 The interior very very beautiful 😀 


Went to pray pray Guan Yin Ma. 

Different day, different color. Its Saturday represents the Forest. Its purple color!

Hattyai Ice Dome.

Very cold. I don’t know the temperature. Its below negative of course!

I have more pictures but lazy to post them all =X Besides, I didn’t have much fun this trip. Its so tiring and I felt so sick. I’m sick before I’m back from Thailand until today. It was like…2 to 3 weeks already. I don’t wanna go Thailand anymore =X


Sg Lembing Trip

 It was a THREE days TWO nights trip to Sg Lembing, Pahang. The main purpose is to hike the mountain!! Too much photos to post 😛

Photos do the talking ^^

The Kuantan State Mosque.

Had our lunch in Teluk Cempedak Beach‘s MCD 😛

Pretty little girl, KeQi.  

I LOVE my new wallpaper!! ❤

This beach is at another side which is named Black Stone Beach. Haha. Because the stones at the seaside were all BLACK.

 Oyster!! Found in the black stones. Dunno if it can be eaten or no >.<

Next destination,

Natural Batik Village where they do batik. Its pretty amazing! I’ve tried it and its fun 😀 ONE bloody scarf costs around 250MYR?!?! Hell expensive >.<

A woman painting the batik. Impressive!

The wax they used to draw on the cloth for the lining. So dirty and…disgusting >.<

Our MAIN destination!! SUNGAI LEMBING. They have a majority of chinese residence. Its like a small village 😀 Everyone speaks hakka there! “Chee gah yin ah!”

The entrance 😀

I love the street’s names over there. Its rare to see ENGLISH street names in Malaysia. I hate Malaysia’s street names =.=

Our breakfast. Interesting huh?! A sandwich maker can cook EGGS !! Hee hee. Smart huh? 😉

I guessed the name of the mountain is BUKIT PANORAMA.

Woke up THREEam in the morning, and started climbing the mountain by FOURam. CRAZY!! Worst than Broga, Semenyih. There were more than 1000 steps of staircases. The staircases made things worst! My mom and aunt vomitted halfway through. Its so dark and the ground was wet!!

Its around SIXam when we reached. Its still dark.

The sky started to get brighter and brighter 😀 And the cloud can be seen, covering the view of the village 😀 Pretty isn’t it?

Was not able to see the sunset because of the rain the night before. But we managed to see the color of the sky turning red, yellow. So beautiful!

Dad and mom 😀  I look like “soh po”, dun wanna take pic. I’m so exhausted! But i’m the first one who got up there FIRST. Hahahaha.

My cousins. Something is wrong with my uncle XD hahaha.

Beautiful shots ^^

Everyone seems so tired 😛

Next, to the MUSEUM. There was nothing in there =.= I went one round, not impressed by the things in there so I went to the garden with my cousins.

Found this two little things. Its beetle! So cute but its dead already >< I didn’t kill them of course!

Haha. Found this cat DAMN CUTE!! Hahaha. Sleeping on its hand, so peacefully. Totally not distracted by the noises around. Kyyaaaa~~~ ❤

Next next,

The CAVE. Mom said its a money land.

 Charas Cave where they have lots of Goddess in there. Both Chinese and Indian. Everything have to pay LOL. Though its a donation but still TOO MUCH TO DONATE!

Looks a little like Batu Caves but the stairs were so SCARY!!!

LOOK! You can see the bottom!! >< But I’m not fear of height at all 😛

Dad getting himseld a “pottu” as he prayed for the Indian God, I forgottent hename >.<

On the last day, we were suppose to go to the Waterfall in Sg Lembing to see the beautiful Rainbow Waterfall.

Sigh. Didn’t managa to see this because RAINING that day T________T I grab a pic from Flickr 😛 (credits to

We left early and headed to Cherating. Got stucked halfway XD

I forgotten my BB got GPS. LOL. So stupid and I just learnt to use it XD hahaha.

Reached Cherating Beach and it drizzled throughout the day! We played in the beach with our raincoat and umbrellas 😛 That was my cousin sister, she was playing catch catch with the 2 friendly dogs at the beach ^^

Next, to the National ELEPHANT Conservation Centre, Kuala Gandah, Pahang. FOC entrance! and you can play around with the elephants! You can feed, ride, take photos and even bathe with the elephants 😀

Huge little thing 😀

This cute girl just came from somewhere in the crowd and ended up beside me. She has beautiful green eyes!

Last destination, to the DEERPARK. The entrance was Rm6 for adult and its so worthful!! You can feed the deers, take photos with the snakes and other animals! Even the MALAYSIA SUN BEAR!!!

Feeding the deer. Kinda scary cause the deer has scary teeth like human and slimy warm tongue XD hahaha.

 The Father Sunbear!! Hahaha. So cute to resist!!! ^^

 Its a veyr tiring trip, but FUN! Haha. Love the nature.


Last weekend was off to Fraser’s Hill with my family and relatives. My first impression is…”Fraser’s Hill?? Cheh~ Not cold one lah!”. Haha. So, I only brought short pants and t-shirt. Hahaha. I thought Fraser’s Hill was like Cameron Highlands, not that cold. At least I don’t need to wear sweater/jacket. But at night…I regretted T_T Super cold!!! I rolled myself in my sleeping bag >.< Froze like gilah!

Took lots of pictures here too ^^ I love taking pictures of the nature because no matter how you snap it, it turned out perfectly beautiful! Haha. Pictures I posted here campur aduk one. Some were from Clement’s dslr while some were from my camera.


 Haha. Me with my (cheap)shades 😀 That was my cousin brother, Victor. I should have taken a picture of myself here 😦

 My family. I have a square head 😀

I’m in charged to be the tour guide. Hahaha. I took some brochures from the reception and planned our outings. I think I should take tourism 😀 instead of culinary arts. LOL! I filled the 2days 1night trip nicely and neatly. Haha. Dad reserved an apartment in Silverpark Resort. (RM252 with 2bedrooms, 4person for breakfast buffet). That resort kinda old already…so it looks quite creepy =S

 Archery. Dad was good in archery. But then this one sucks. The arrow so cheap, so cacat. Its too light! =.= (RM8 per person – 10 arrows)

 Horse riding 😀 Actually I don’t wanna ride one but dad gimme money and asked me to go for it. So, why not? Hahaha. ( RM5 per person, one round ONLY).

 Playing with his hair 😀

Next, to the waterfall 😀 Consider a man made waterfall.

 The water is DIRTY but extremely cold >.<

This picture suppose to be at the top, but who cares ;D haha. This picture was taken on the way up to Fraser’s Hill.

Hahaha. Kheng Yuen Lee EATING SHOP. Cameron got lots of  “Suki nang” – Hainan people.

Some nice and pretty pictures of flowers ❤

WTF!! MILLIPEDE!!!!!!!!!!

Can see the mist? Its only 5pm…

Haha. After dinner, the Clock Tower. Go Fraser’s Hill without taking pictures with the tower means nothing. Haha. The clock in under renovation. Ish.

Lol. Took lots of vain pictures. CLement took for me one. Unfortunately he never bring his dslr out 😦

Went for short trekking. Haha. I wore DRESS leh!!!!!!!!!!! WTH.

 The End.

It was quite fun. Though some people said that place is boring, got nothing to do there. But to me, it was very relaxing and fun. Actually it really depends on who you go with 😀



















National Park, Pahang

WAHLAU! So long never post in my blog already…I mean before the “teacher’s day” post. That was because me…not having internet connection and I didn’t go to my aunt’s house and I didn’t go to the cyber cafe. But now I have Celcom Broadband but still it’s like I don’t have internet connection at all. The connection sucks man! Slow giler…I can only use it for chatting, not even SKYPE!!! T_T I wanna skype with my sister T______T how much I missed her…

And so…here’s something that I wanna share 😉

Taman Negara Trippu~

My parents love the nature. I love it too ❤ But right, compared to what we saw in the Tmn Negara booklet/leaflet/brochure…so much differences =.= Hahaha. The trip was for 3days 2 nights. For less than RM500. Worth going 😀 but the transportation is not included so we have to drive there. It takes around 3 hours to reach.

I took too many pictures, i’m too lazy to upload all here because the connection sucks and I think I won’t upload it in FB. Maybe only lah. Ish.

Let the pictures do the talking then.

So here we are…duduk kat sampan utk ke seberang sungai. Sampan yang sangat scary. Haha. What if…..? haha.

OMGoodness O.o what if i’m there? Right in the middle of the quick flowing river(my english sucks)?

We went to the Asli people’s home. I was shocked. It wasn’t what I expected =.= I’m so disappointed. I thought they got NO CLOTHES to pakai one. I thought they use the leaves and kain buruk to cover =D I didn’t know they’re so “IN”. I mean IN as in updated. Wth! Most of them got CROCS’ shoes! Even if it’s a pirated CROCS but still…even pirated ones cost around RM20 wei!!

Here’s one muscular Asli people demonstrating…how they lit up the fire without matches or lighter.

Pretty impressing 😀  A little bit of PUSH and PULL.

Then, a little bit of BLOWING…



I tried to blow…babi. No fire but only asap =.=

At night, we went in to the dark jungle…*wuu~~* Hahaha. Its fun at night =D

Got lots of weird things we found in there 😀 Too lazy to upload all. Hahaha.

 That’s the only cat I saw there. She was not afraid of people! I meow-ed few times, then she followed me around 😀 haha. So easily kena tipu one 🙂

 Jungle walk/trekking again. I forgotten how many metres. What I knew is…we walked the whole day…!!! But I don’t feel tired or pain in my muscles. Hahaha. I’m too healthy:D

 Hahaha. I takut kena mosquitoes sting T______T I pasted and sprayed the lemongrass repellent all over my body, my dad even sprayed on my hair =.=

Canopy walk for 500m… This was the BEST part 😀 

A picture of my parents and I. Dad looked really tired. Mom looked happy 🙂 she wore my higher secondary sports shirt. Haha. While I wore Ian’s Malaysia one 😛 

 Kamisama Daddy 😀

 I just love the view~~ ❤

 Clear water, Blue sky, Green plants.

 The sun…and here come’s the rainbow 😀

 Haha. I fell asleep here 😀 hahaha. The cool wind makes me so sleepy >.<

 URGH! Damn cantik~~

Next post is FRASER’S HILL 😀 tunggulah~~