Life is like a roller coaster

 Its almost the end of January. Chinese New Year is around the corner. There’re so much I wanted to blog about but I don’t have time!! And my home internet connection sucks.

LOOK at the picture below!!!!

Its MOMO!!! ❤ How much I missed him?!?!! Look at him right now. So healthy and so good looking. That’s my boy 😉 I’m so glad that he’s doing fine *hugs*

And ya. I’ve not blog anything regarding my Birthday >.< That was because there’s nothing for me to blog about. Hahaha. I just had simple dinner with my family 😉

My Birthday presents!!! xoxo


A surprise present from Ian 🙂

Its a bear from Lovely Lace~!! How sweet~ 😛 and that was because I complained to him, saying he didn’t gimme any surprises for so many years already! We celebrated the New Year at my aunt’s party and we countdown in the cineme 😉

My new BBcasing!! I almost bought a Hello Kitty casing through the net for around RM40plus. So happened when i went to Empire Gallery and saw this casing for only RM20! Bought it without thinking twice 😉

One weekend, I followed dad to a client’s wedding

The sky has lots of marshmallows and cotton candies!!!! How much I wish I could just grab them and put in my mouth 😛

The “Bunga Telur”. Its a tradition to have this in Malay Wedding 😉


The HAZELNUT DOME!!! This piece of cake ish so AWESOME and so DELICIOUS! Words can’t describe the awesomness. Haha. Unfortunately, when I planned to have a nother piece one day…The shop is either closed, bankrupt or moved out  =.= And it’s not cheap. RM10++

Dinner at Madam Kwan 🙂

 Hahaha. Ian’s face used to be as smooth as the petals of a rose. But now, LOOOOL. The face is like the surface of the moon 😀

Baskin Robbins for dessert 😉 I prefer Haagen dazs :p 

OMG! Look at this little FROG!! So scary isn’t it?!?! I added leopard print to its body XD hahaha. Sexay~~

One day, I don’t remember when. I went to Pyramid with Ian’s siblings :p 

Had our late lunch at the T-Bowl Restaurant. Its not really that disgusting la.. The food there were so-so. Something like Kim Gary/Wong Kok. I don’t quite like it =X 

 After a long walk, we finally able to get a place to sit and rest our feet. It was a total of 30minutes of silence. Each of us were doing something on our phones and noone speaks. Hahaha.

Have a break, have a cup of ICE-CREAM! KINDORI ice-cream!!! I LOVE IT!!! Strawberry flavour is simply the BEST ❤ 

”Hao Wei Dao Restaurant” in Bandar Puteri PUCHONG.

Delicious carbonara at a reasonable price ❤

Owh. There’s also a corner boutique in the restaurant 😉

Last Sunday, to Pavilion 😉

Bibi loves me 😉 I was playing with her while waiting for Ian’s family to get ready. 

Ian and I in Pavilion 😀

Quality Wines Sdn Bhd” CNY Dinner in Hakka Restaurant opposite Pavilion.

LOL!! I posted this in my blog. If he sees this, he’ll absolutely whack me XD hahahahahah! So cute 😛 

Someone sent this to Ian. I was like “who the hell is this?!! And Ian started to give me lots of explainations. Hahaha. Its a prank message I think.

Finally! ME with the best wine that night “San Simon Cabernet Sauvignon 2005” . I was half drunk >.< I didn’t wanna get drunk because I know I’m wild when I’m drunk. Hahaha. But there were so many people came and “CHEERS!“. Have to give face right?? LOL

 Sorry for neglecting my blog 😛 Its almost the end of the month already.

Wishes everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! May the year of rabbit brings you loads of joy and happiness 😉




STPM WTF!!!!! 

My ECONOMICS papers were so DEAD! I didn’t even know what to write. No stories to create. No stories to share with. LOL. Especially Micro paper, my GOODNESS!!!!!!! X_X

Forget about the exams! URGH! Things I did during the 2 weeks. wtf.

I was so boring, sitting in the living room, watching stupid show in the television. I took my little dog toy stuff. It’s older than I am you know? It belongs to my mom actually 😛

Haha. This is how it looks like. The fur won’t grow obviously. I asked mom before, how come the fur covers its eyes one? Mom said she put it in the washing machine and dry it under the sun and it becomes like this XD hahaha. Pity little doggie.

I was trying to transform it into something cute/pretty and I brought out my hair ties and hair clips. And….









UHWAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! *hugs hugs* So adorable isn’t it??! It has a chirimen flower on its ear. Haha. Its a SUCCESSFUL MAKE OVER 😛

Its December already. My birthday is around the corner 😉 ❤ ❤ When it’s December, CHRISTMAS is mentioned all around the world!! There would be Christmas decorations everywhere and Christmas songs everywhere.

The colourful Christmas tree is being set up 😀

EMCORP MALL. Ever heard of it? Surprisingly, Ian didn’t know this mall actually exist!!! *roll eyes*

Went to the bookfair with my family 😀 Bought lots of books because it’s so WORTH IT!!! Rm8-RM10 for each!!!

I bought bling bling the other day and started it with blinging my camera 😀 looks so sweet isn’t it? Besides, I BLINGED my phone too 😛 hohoho. Love it so much ;3

I learnt to tie this BOW HAIR from Ringo’s blog. Haha. Though it looks messy, but its cute isn’t it???

Okays. Stupid exam falls on my BIRTHDAY! WTF WTF WTF!!! Fine. Its okay. I forgive them, whoever!!! ..l..

Another 3 days to go with is on the 8th, 9th and 10th. Wish me luck 😀








Tony Roma’s

Went to Tony Roma’s for dinner with Ian’s family. Pyramid was so packed. So many people =.=





The food was so-so. Maybe because too many people that time so they couldn’t keep up with the quality. I guess. *shrugs* After dinner, lepak in British India for more than half an hour. LOL. Then headed home. Kor came over to Ian’s house to pass me a present from jie.




Hahaha. The menu is all in japanese. The manual guide is also in japanese. How am I suppose to understand?! Got katagana summore. LAGI hard to understand!!! But…I get used to it d 😛 Thank you nee-chan~~~ ahahahha!





French Manicure!

How long have I wished to have LONG nails?!! My dream of having long nails is finally here. Hahaha. Couldn’t have long nails because every Monday during the school assembly, they’ll check and since i’m also a prefect so i have to keep my nails SHORT. Babi.


The tools i need 🙂



Though it doesn’t look prefect and it’s a little messy but it’s still nice!! Noone will notice the mess 😛 I’m a right handed person so i’ll have big problem applying the manicure on my right hand. My left hand SHIVERS!!!!

I have pretty nails now ❤

Besides, I also help my mom to paint her nails both fingers and toes. Then, I put mask on her face so she’ll look prettier on her youngest brother’s wedding 😀 hee hee. Can’t wait!!! The wedding is TOMORROW!!! 😛 hahaha.

Ohya. Dad came home yesterday morning and left for FISHING at 1am. Tsk tsk tsk. “Jit muk hou fung fu”











Girls will never satisfy with what they have

Finally finally~~~

Mom bought me a HAIR CURLER!!! 😛 wtf. Its expensive >.< RM150. Bought it at Bkt Tinggi 1. 3months warranty.


Finally I got it…but there’re lots of other things I want 😦 Everything will satisfy me for awhile, but the satisfaction doesn’t last. Why girls have so many things that they wanna buy?

Walking around Jusco. Mom wanna buy groceries. I was looking around to see if there’s anything I need to cook for my meal and I saw something. I believe everyone has heard of TOMATO, right? There’s something I think is cute and pretty special… XD











Hahahahha. Because if its colour, they call if KUMATO. Hahahaha. Isn’t it cute?!! I’m sure this will make the kids confuse. Tomato? Kumato? XD XD


So long didn’t camwhore. Forgive me =.=

My aunt was being slapped by some drunk indians. WTF!! It was quite late that day and she went out to buy burger for supper. She was alone. Then, she saw few indians drinking beer at the field near her house. So, she thought of reversing and drove to the other way. You know lah…what if something happens or what. Suddenly, an indian man stopped her and kicked her car. wtf! Can you tell me what she have done that makes the fella did that? Then the fella opened the door and SLAP my aunt for god bloody FIVE….its FIVE TIMES. She reported to the police and she reported to SinChew Daily.


Those who can read chinese…go ahead XD hahaha. That’s my uncle. Muahahaha. My aunt wanna keep herself anonymous. Sri Muda ppl, you know where that pondok was, right?







Malacca Afamosa

I begin to left lazy to blog already. Hahaha. Maybe I’m too busy that I do not have time to post. Currently doing my art project, have to pass up next Monday. Although there’s only few days left but i kept on going out going out and out. Hahaha. That was my hobby or an addiction maybe XD hahaha. So, here’s the summary of the whole week outing!

I went to Afamosa with my family and relatives last weekend. Its was a good trip. Better than I expected 😛 but it was so so tiring…


TADA! The villa we’re living in 🙂 Dam nice right? Got pool summore. Hahaha. The bed were AWESOME! *thumbs up*


We had our dinner in the club house. A photo of me with my cousin sister 😀


Fireworks for maybe 10-15minutes. SO nice :3


Our breakfast 😛 triangle chaped egg…special huh?


The elephant show in Safari. (I begin to realise I was like a kid XD so excited when I see those animals)


Pony with fringe!!! So cutee 😛


This is from the Water World. Scary isn’t it? I didn’t manage to play this >.<


Souvenirs I bought for the three little crabs (my cousin sister)

Then then…..

went to Pyramid with Ian and Wei Xin. My intention is to buy a wallet…but there’s no nice wallet!!! So im planning to get a Burberry or a Dior 😉 can ask Wei Xin for help because she always go to different countries. Hee hee.


Catchup’s fitting room was GOOD! I like the lighting 😛


Bought 2 pants (LOVE IT so much!!), a t-shirt and a eye lashes curler 😛

The next day…

I went to Ian’s place and I cooked dinner 🙂 I cooked ABC soup, teriyaki chicken and korokke…Turned out very delicious but the appearance not so good XD hahahha



Koi fishes in Ian’s garden. The fishes are as big as my thigh!!!


Ian’s neighbour dog. Its a Yorkshire terrier if im not mistaken. SO CUTE!!! but unfortunately…the owner locked her outside and always tied her up…pity isn’t it. Poor thing…


Might not be able to blog for sometime already. Have to get myself prepare with my exams and stuff.


TObe continue~~~ ❤






STPM orz

I can actually feel STPM already. Before this, I always thought “aiya, nevermind lah…still got long way to go”. Well, I know that’s not true but…just to comfort myself. Wtf. I received the schedule and I was told to pass my art work on the 28th. *dies*


LOOK! Make people tension only~~



I got my certificate already. Look at the date!! Ish.. JOHAN wei!!! Dont play play~

I’m going to Malacca A Famosa tomorrow!! More updates soon 😉

ohya…Kenneth called Ian yesterday saying that Momo is very obedient but a little active. And he said that he bought Momo a BANGALOW for Rm150. Lol…so nice =3







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