Thailand Trippu

I just realized I go to Thailand every end of the year =.= Whats so nice about Thailand? Hahaha.

A very long and tiring trip. Sat in the bus for more than 48hours. Can you imagine?!?!

Krabi to Phuket to Hattyai



The bus. I never wanna get in a bus anymore =X There’s only ONE driver. I’m really proud of the driver. Driving all day long without looking tired and his driving skill was good!!


To the emerald pool.

It drizzled throughout the day. Bought a raincoat for myself. Only 20baht.

Rapid water flowing.  The water flows all the way to the pool, they called it EMERALD POOL.


The pool was so so so damn clear!! I can actually see the toes of the lady 😀 I wished I could jump into that pool 😦 but I can’t T___T No extra clothes to change.

I wanna swim….! But its kinda dangerous. Because its really slippery and a boy, around 7 or 8 years old slipped and fell into the pool >.< nearly drown ah! Luckily there was this man jumped into the pool right away and held the boy.

Random shot. Nice? 😉 

LOOK AT THE ANTS!!!! So scary >.< I felt itchy when I saw them.. 


A muscular man carrying the traffic lights XD So cute XD


Camwhore =X 

Watched some china entertainment show while on the way to Phuket. I slept everytime I got in the bus 😀 hahaha! Even 15minutes distance, I slept XD hahaha.

 I thought I could send email back but I can’t 😦 Didn’t know why there’s no auto roaming or something. No signal at all 😦 I hate DIGI!

I FOUND MY CAR!!!! Mazda RX-7 *hearts* This car has been my favourite car for more then 8years!! And now, I still loving it 😛


A cute statue I found outside of a toilet. Haha. So cute!!! That woman has BRACES too!!! Like me!!! XD

 Orchid lah!


I don’t remember the name of this thing =X Went to the factory. I really don’t remember =.=

 Chung chung !!!! I ate this 😀 hahahaha! Tasteless.


School!  Their uniform is nice!! Better than Malaysia school uniform =X


I LOVE the interior of this hotel. Its very classy and comfortable 😀

 I want tattoo 😦

To the beach. Went to Ha Ha Island with a speedboat for 15minutes. The island sucks =.= Feels like going to Port Dickson. Maybe the seawater is clearer than PD but still….disappoint me =.=

First thing I did in the island was PARACHUTE. And it was also the last. WTF. Hahaha. I fell from the parachute. Um. It happened like this…While I was about to land, there was three guys – one followed on my back because the wind is too strong, I can’t go on my own and another two of them were suppose to hold me so I could land properly. Before I touched the ground, the guy on my back fell down. Then my turn and the two guys GRABBED my legs!! So I fell backwards and my head hit the guy’s KNEES! I burst into tears!!!!!! So f*cking pain ah!!

An hour later, I felt dizzy and unwell. Felt like I wanted to vomit. My face turned so pale!! Then they sent me to the hospital :X

Hahahaha. Gan jiong leh. Went to x-ray and CT scan. Result: a little crack at the backbone of my neck. Nothing serious lah. But I look quite serious XD After this incident, I got no mood during the whole trip. All I had in mind was…”I wanna go home“.


This restaurant was so grand

 The interior very very beautiful 😀 


Went to pray pray Guan Yin Ma. 

Different day, different color. Its Saturday represents the Forest. Its purple color!

Hattyai Ice Dome.

Very cold. I don’t know the temperature. Its below negative of course!

I have more pictures but lazy to post them all =X Besides, I didn’t have much fun this trip. Its so tiring and I felt so sick. I’m sick before I’m back from Thailand until today. It was like…2 to 3 weeks already. I don’t wanna go Thailand anymore =X


Welcome home little cousin :D

Its the first time I’ve seen a FOUR DAYS OLD baby! Hahaha. A tiny little thing named Taw Sien Xiong. (weird? haha) In my paternal side, all the boys’ middle name have to be the same. Its a family custom. Luckily I’m a girl, so I could have different middle name instead of SIEN >.< and I could have an English name.

Once I asked my dad, why would he choose Vanessa for my name. He said he don’t know =.= wth. And then mom said its because dad loves her too much that he wants his daughter’s name to be almost like her mom’s name. Hahahha. My mom is MELISSA, and i’m VANESSA. Hohoho. Dad was eating that time, he choked himself. Hahahah. Crazy XD

I went to Salak South with my parents to pay a visit 😀

He knows i’m taking pic of him >< how could he cover his face!!!?

Hahaha. ULTRAMAN!! We didn’t place his hands that way okay? *cubits*

The tiniest hand ever!!! So small so cute!!!!! He’s so fragile you know? I’m so afraid to carry him in my arms.

The KL view. So beautiful~ Felt like going to the KLCC to see views 😦

In Cilantro!

We didn’t learn much thing. Just a little bit of vegetables cutting 😀

CHEF LOKE! He’s incharged for my batch 😀 Cute isn’t he? haha.

There’re few guys…the vulgar words “mun tin fei”. I guessed its not Chef who wrote this. I recognized the signature. It’s Samuel’s!!!

So many ways of cutting. The word for each cutting is so difficult to spell and pronounce! My gosh! >.<

Not to waste the vegetables, we made a Tomato Vegetable Soup. Turned out not bad eh the taste 😉


CILANTRO is gonna return me 600MYR!! Hahaha. Because I don’t have to sign up for English lessons in foundation 😀 Ah yeah~ I got 90/100. So cun 😉 There’re 3 people in my class who got exempted from the English lessons.

Nicholas…pity you 😦 ONE mark and you’ll be able to join us 😉 Work harder lah! 😀













嵐 + ゆず = 愛

 Finally!!! I have a internet connection at home ^_^ Dad applied P1max since they don’t need house phone to connect with. I took the package RM 49. Cheap and the connection is so far so good. Not that slow and not that fast. I mean, AVERAGE. Hahaha.

 Went to Jusco last week, I actually don’t remember when >.< Ian bought me 2 bottles of sake ^^ 

さゆり さけ (sayuri) I’m the only one drinking it cause dad don’t wanna drink~

いいちこ さけ ( iichiko) I love this bottle!! The bottle is so nice~~

I bought another 2 nail polish. I just love to paint my nails but unfortunately T_T my nails isn’t that long already. SOBS. It takes quite sometimes to grow leh!! Benci betul!!

Here’s my collection of my The Face Shop nail polish 😛 There are some other different brand ler~ but still I like Face Shop most!! <3<3

My parents went for 72 Tenants of Prosperity. Since Ian and I had already watched so we decided to watch something else. But there’s no choices at all!!! @_@ so we watched The Book of ELI.

I don’t like to pakai shoes while watching movie =.= I love holding my legs 😛 There were people going in and out wtf. So I hung my heels up like this (pic above) hohoho. To prevent from being stepped or kicked or lost. Haha.

Ohya. I bought a new specs the other day. Not actually I bought…haha. Mom bought for me 😛 while I choose. I’d been looking for specs which are suitable for me for quite sometime already but there isn’t any!! FINALLY, I found one with looks alright, I think. Hahaha. Normally I only wear specs when I’m at home. I don’t wear specs when i’m outside my house =.= I’d been wearing contact lenses since i’m in form 3. Hee hee. Even when my eye got infected, I still don’t wear specs XD hahaha. Babi me right?? Now that I have a new one…so I don’t need to wear contacts all the time ^^

So…does it look alright?? suits me?? or what??

Hee hee. Some random photos I took when i’m going and back from work 😛

 This traffic light takes so long to turn green!!! Benci one. Stuff bear bear at the steering. Haha. Watching it turning upside down while i’m turning the steering ISH SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha.

 The sun rises early in the morning at around 7:20am. So nice right?? ^^

The hidden sun rise. This was around 7.30am I think. The sky is always so amazing and awesome!! ❤

I finally received the parcel from onee-chan in Japan. Hohoho. My birthday purezento!!! ^^

I thought very BIG parcel T_________T

 YUZU YUZU YUZU YUZU YUZU  ゆず ゆず ゆず ゆず!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ゆずがだいすき!!!She went to Yuzu’s concert and got me these!! A Furusato tees, Furusato bag and YUZU’s badge!!! <3<3

AND……………………………………..ARASHI!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arashi’s bag, Arashi’s handphone strap and Arashi tees!!! mUahhaha!! I’m so happy~~~

 These are not mine 😦 Both Ayumi’s handphone strap belongs to onii-chan and the omamori is for Clement. Ish ish!!! Hahaha.

 I’m going to Midvalley with Ian later. Gonna exchange money~~~ ^^


What Vanessa did last 2 weeks

I got no internet connection at home T__T I can only online at my cousin’s place on Saturday T__T I’m so sad T___T I want internet connection!!!!!!!! Its my second week without interner!!! T__________T so sad so sad…

Anyway, things I did last two weeks…(i’m too lazy to type long long, once I started typing, I won’t be able to stop >.<

Went to Jusco jalan-jalan. My dress cantik?? 😛 guess how much. So FU*KING CHEAP! Rm15. Hahaha. Besides, the quality not bad eh…got glitters one 😛 I’m so totally in love with this kind of patterns <3<3<3

Had dinner in VIVO. The first time I tried was in Times Square. Now, it’s also available in JUSCO BKT TINGGI. I LOVE THE FOOD <3<3 so oishii~~ especially the carbonara *melts*

Pizza! More oishii that pizza hut’s or domino’s XD

Some random fried seafood. Very nice also!!! The price also quite nice =D haha.

 My carbonara!!!! LOVE LOVE >3

Last Saturday, was cleaning my room…and I found this,

HAHAHA. Innostream. Lauya phone. My FIRST phone. Hohoho. When I was in Form 2 or 3 >.< The appearance very nice right? Inside…got nothing at all. Haha. After 4months, the phone started to spoil XD Chiplak phone…haha

Went to Tesco, Puchong. Why go Puchong so far? =.= Haha. Went for Shabu shabu with Ian and my parents 😛 Eat the octopus like nobody’s daughter XD

Saw this in one of the section. Mom said…like “making love“. WTF!!! Mummy so….dirty minded!!! @_@ Mom likes to see and compare the prices of stuff from her shop and she’s like ” wah! so expensive one! I sell Rm blabla only…untung lah they all“. Hahaha.

Outside my house…near the drain, longkang XD

Scientific name, Mimosa plant. Also known as Touch-me-not plant. haha. See! I remember what I learnt from school last time. Haha. So lame XD XD

 So malu de plant 😛

After A WEek of using Maxis Broadband, finally…I made my decision to cancel it. WTF. Apply for fun?? Consider yes. Haha. They coverage char like mad @_@ Maybe my place punye problem.

In Pyramid Maxis Center, why i bought the coffee ah?? Can see the poster behind?? Haha. Buy one FREE ONE! Adelyn bought me that pink top. Nice?? :3

JUSCO BKT RAJA sales!!! Its my FIRST time to Jusco sales and also my LAST =.= Wtf. So pek cek man~~

I beh tahan those aunty aunty, keep pushing around =.=

Bought mattress protecter, mom’s and mine. And my PILLOW :3 my bed got no place for me to sleep already =.= I put 5 bear bears on my bed(big one okays?), altogether – 4 pillows and a bolster. Hee hee. All of them on a single bed. Can imagine?? =D hahaha.

Nicole lent me her dvd!! KOIZORA – Sky of Love ❤ I love this movie so much. I couldn’t stop watching it. I watched it over and over again…everyday =.= WTF! I’m crazy, I’m mad. But I love it so much!!!!!!!

Found this, from one of my student’s magazine 😛


I made one. Haha. Nice nice?? I just bought some felt(the cloth) from Daiso 😛 hee hee.

After watching KOIZORA, I kept looking up to the sky and see if i’m lucky enough to spot a jet stream in the sky. One day, I was watching the kids playing in the garden and I FOUND IT!!!! I so wanted Ian to see it…and take a picture of it, to remember our morning…:3

Wah. So accurate punye 90 degree turn. Hahaha. One of the kid came to me and said ” Teacher, why you take picture? You never see jet before ah?” ZHAR DAO!!!

There are more pictures actually. But I couldn’t find my camera T_______T pictures are all in there. So, maybe next post ba 😦

Hee hee. Went to Ian’s house for dinner today. Discussed about…him, going to China thingy. Isk. I paiseh to face his mother >.< Before that, we went to Jusco to buy tickets


 Tiger Woo Hoo. WTF. The chinese title is 大日子, why is it Tiger Woo Hoo in English?? So weird. I keep searching at the screen for this movie but I couldn’t find it, until Ian told me…”there~ Tiger Woo Hoo ma” and I was like ” =.=” why the title so weird one?”. So…will be going to Jusco again tomorrow. Hahaha.

Besides, we went to DIAMOND AND PLATINUM and TOMEI and you know what? Haha.


 Actually got a lot more to blog about…but no pictures lah! Only words…very boring =.= haha.







I missed holidays already T__T

Last Saturday, I demanded to go to Jusco. So, Ian brought me there after he finished work. I have to buy 2 presents: 1 for my aunty and another for my cousin sister in Bidor.

We had our lunch in Black Canyon. URGH! The food sucks!!!


Does it looks like an octopus?? The food there was not nice at all >.< I wondered why do i stepped in there in the first place…

21032009432-copyHahah. He looked emo isn’t it? That’s because I had been complaining about his clothing for the whole day XD So lala….

21032009433-copyI asked him to take picture of me…he macam no mood only~ Then suan! I take myself 🙂

dsc03440-copyLOL! What kind of wallpaper is this?! “NO!” Hahaha

Okay~ After lunch, we went to Aeon to look if there’s anything i can buy as a present. Walk walk walk….I saw the “weight measurement thingy” and automatically I stepped on it.

dsc03442-copyLol. 37.5kg. Looks like i gain some weight 😀 or its because i’m taller? Haahahhaaha….

After an hour plus of walking, I finally got the stuff i had to buy. Before we leave, I went all the way to the ground floor and to STARBUCKS to get my free coffee 🙂 I ordered Java Chips, I thought i could get a Venti one. Mana tau only can get Tall one 😦 I’m so sad….

dsc03445-copySo small T___T Not enough~~


21032009443-copyOn the way back home…Doesn’t the pic looks like jungle or something? 😀 Focus on the sky….its pretty 🙂 Don’t mind the ugly road..


In the evening, I left home and headed to Bidor, Perak (my hometown) for the “Qing Ming” festival. The actual date was on the 4th April and we suppose to go back next Sunday. But due to dad’s work condition, he’s going to Shanghai next week…so we have to go back earlier.

On that night, my relatives there had steamboat dinner and also a small celebration for my aunt and her daughter’s birthday. Later, before i go to bed, mom took all her photo albums out and we were looking through all together and i found few interesting photos XD


dsc03458-copyMy dad….looks cool huh? Nike sneakers summore XD

dsc03459-copyMom and dad…haha XD In Malacca if im not wrong


Look at dad’s shirt!!! Mom said that time very “heng” one. They call it HAK YEE style XD (reminds me of Peterpan)


Dad and his friend during his secondary time. His uniform like budak jahat XD

dsc03466-copyMy dad had been in a movie before leh! As a “keh leh fare” XD RM50, kena cucuk, act mati XD hahahahah

Then the next morning, woke up early early morning to go to the Cemetery park. I took some photos =D but don’t wanna post it la XD hahaha…Pray pray until noon >.< dsc03476-copy1Look at the sky!! Scary right? hahah

And later we headed back home~ On the way…..


dsc03495-copyBeautiful isn’t it? ^^

Then we went to Puchong, to send my aunt home then we had our dinner there. I ate so much that i couldn’t stand straight! Hahaha