Life is like a roller coaster

 Its almost the end of January. Chinese New Year is around the corner. There’re so much I wanted to blog about but I don’t have time!! And my home internet connection sucks.

LOOK at the picture below!!!!

Its MOMO!!! ❤ How much I missed him?!?!! Look at him right now. So healthy and so good looking. That’s my boy 😉 I’m so glad that he’s doing fine *hugs*

And ya. I’ve not blog anything regarding my Birthday >.< That was because there’s nothing for me to blog about. Hahaha. I just had simple dinner with my family 😉

My Birthday presents!!! xoxo


A surprise present from Ian 🙂

Its a bear from Lovely Lace~!! How sweet~ 😛 and that was because I complained to him, saying he didn’t gimme any surprises for so many years already! We celebrated the New Year at my aunt’s party and we countdown in the cineme 😉

My new BBcasing!! I almost bought a Hello Kitty casing through the net for around RM40plus. So happened when i went to Empire Gallery and saw this casing for only RM20! Bought it without thinking twice 😉

One weekend, I followed dad to a client’s wedding

The sky has lots of marshmallows and cotton candies!!!! How much I wish I could just grab them and put in my mouth 😛

The “Bunga Telur”. Its a tradition to have this in Malay Wedding 😉


The HAZELNUT DOME!!! This piece of cake ish so AWESOME and so DELICIOUS! Words can’t describe the awesomness. Haha. Unfortunately, when I planned to have a nother piece one day…The shop is either closed, bankrupt or moved out  =.= And it’s not cheap. RM10++

Dinner at Madam Kwan 🙂

 Hahaha. Ian’s face used to be as smooth as the petals of a rose. But now, LOOOOL. The face is like the surface of the moon 😀

Baskin Robbins for dessert 😉 I prefer Haagen dazs :p 

OMG! Look at this little FROG!! So scary isn’t it?!?! I added leopard print to its body XD hahaha. Sexay~~

One day, I don’t remember when. I went to Pyramid with Ian’s siblings :p 

Had our late lunch at the T-Bowl Restaurant. Its not really that disgusting la.. The food there were so-so. Something like Kim Gary/Wong Kok. I don’t quite like it =X 

 After a long walk, we finally able to get a place to sit and rest our feet. It was a total of 30minutes of silence. Each of us were doing something on our phones and noone speaks. Hahaha.

Have a break, have a cup of ICE-CREAM! KINDORI ice-cream!!! I LOVE IT!!! Strawberry flavour is simply the BEST ❤ 

”Hao Wei Dao Restaurant” in Bandar Puteri PUCHONG.

Delicious carbonara at a reasonable price ❤

Owh. There’s also a corner boutique in the restaurant 😉

Last Sunday, to Pavilion 😉

Bibi loves me 😉 I was playing with her while waiting for Ian’s family to get ready. 

Ian and I in Pavilion 😀

Quality Wines Sdn Bhd” CNY Dinner in Hakka Restaurant opposite Pavilion.

LOL!! I posted this in my blog. If he sees this, he’ll absolutely whack me XD hahahahahah! So cute 😛 

Someone sent this to Ian. I was like “who the hell is this?!! And Ian started to give me lots of explainations. Hahaha. Its a prank message I think.

Finally! ME with the best wine that night “San Simon Cabernet Sauvignon 2005” . I was half drunk >.< I didn’t wanna get drunk because I know I’m wild when I’m drunk. Hahaha. But there were so many people came and “CHEERS!“. Have to give face right?? LOL

 Sorry for neglecting my blog 😛 Its almost the end of the month already.

Wishes everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! May the year of rabbit brings you loads of joy and happiness 😉



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  1. J. Michael Hall
    Feb 10, 2011 @ 07:48:46

    Would you let me use the pictures of your dad and the baby for a webinar I am doing next week on dads and play. They are great. You can see the announcement for the webinar at

    Would love to show how dads (and grandads) play with children.

    you can contact me at


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