I’ve been begging Ian to bring me to Bangsar for the past few month! Why Bangsar? TO CHANGE MY BB’s HOUSING!!



Meet my beloved  WhitePinkBerry


It looks so well with the Hello Kitty Theme I purchased :p ne?!??!!

Oh. Look! The rainbow keypad. Isn’t it so pretty?!!

The whole housing with the rainbow keypad cost RM220.

Worth it? *nods* 😀


http://www.hausofbib.com <check out for more ;)>


OUR 4th Anniversary

February 9th, 2011.

Our 4th anniversary.

Dinner at Michelangelo, Pavilion.

Owh. A picture of both of us taken by a very friendly waitress 😛

So good looking! Smart! ❤ I chose the top for him 😉

Lasagne Alla Bolognaise *both thumbs up!!!*

Lychee Tini (not nice :x)

Long Island 😉

Torta di Cioccholate. Our dessert! I LOVEY DESSERTS!!! ❤ 

Received a bouquet of flower and a pair of earrings from Ian. How sweet! But I prefer something else :p flowers are waste of money 😡

Though its a waste of money but still, I love it :p Thanks bie.


Hmm. Whats my anniversary resolution?

LESS argument and fighting!! NO MORE crying and heart breaking moments!! >.<

So reluctant looking 😦 but…

I still love you.








Life is like a roller coaster

 Its almost the end of January. Chinese New Year is around the corner. There’re so much I wanted to blog about but I don’t have time!! And my home internet connection sucks.

LOOK at the picture below!!!!

Its MOMO!!! ❤ How much I missed him?!?!! Look at him right now. So healthy and so good looking. That’s my boy 😉 I’m so glad that he’s doing fine *hugs*

And ya. I’ve not blog anything regarding my Birthday >.< That was because there’s nothing for me to blog about. Hahaha. I just had simple dinner with my family 😉

My Birthday presents!!! xoxo


A surprise present from Ian 🙂

Its a bear from Lovely Lace~!! How sweet~ 😛 and that was because I complained to him, saying he didn’t gimme any surprises for so many years already! We celebrated the New Year at my aunt’s party and we countdown in the cineme 😉

My new BBcasing!! I almost bought a Hello Kitty casing through the net for around RM40plus. So happened when i went to Empire Gallery and saw this casing for only RM20! Bought it without thinking twice 😉

One weekend, I followed dad to a client’s wedding

The sky has lots of marshmallows and cotton candies!!!! How much I wish I could just grab them and put in my mouth 😛

The “Bunga Telur”. Its a tradition to have this in Malay Wedding 😉


The HAZELNUT DOME!!! This piece of cake ish so AWESOME and so DELICIOUS! Words can’t describe the awesomness. Haha. Unfortunately, when I planned to have a nother piece one day…The shop is either closed, bankrupt or moved out  =.= And it’s not cheap. RM10++

Dinner at Madam Kwan 🙂

 Hahaha. Ian’s face used to be as smooth as the petals of a rose. But now, LOOOOL. The face is like the surface of the moon 😀

Baskin Robbins for dessert 😉 I prefer Haagen dazs :p 

OMG! Look at this little FROG!! So scary isn’t it?!?! I added leopard print to its body XD hahaha. Sexay~~

One day, I don’t remember when. I went to Pyramid with Ian’s siblings :p 

Had our late lunch at the T-Bowl Restaurant. Its not really that disgusting la.. The food there were so-so. Something like Kim Gary/Wong Kok. I don’t quite like it =X 

 After a long walk, we finally able to get a place to sit and rest our feet. It was a total of 30minutes of silence. Each of us were doing something on our phones and noone speaks. Hahaha.

Have a break, have a cup of ICE-CREAM! KINDORI ice-cream!!! I LOVE IT!!! Strawberry flavour is simply the BEST ❤ 

”Hao Wei Dao Restaurant” in Bandar Puteri PUCHONG.

Delicious carbonara at a reasonable price ❤

Owh. There’s also a corner boutique in the restaurant 😉

Last Sunday, to Pavilion 😉

Bibi loves me 😉 I was playing with her while waiting for Ian’s family to get ready. 

Ian and I in Pavilion 😀

Quality Wines Sdn Bhd” CNY Dinner in Hakka Restaurant opposite Pavilion.

LOL!! I posted this in my blog. If he sees this, he’ll absolutely whack me XD hahahahahah! So cute 😛 

Someone sent this to Ian. I was like “who the hell is this?!! And Ian started to give me lots of explainations. Hahaha. Its a prank message I think.

Finally! ME with the best wine that night “San Simon Cabernet Sauvignon 2005” . I was half drunk >.< I didn’t wanna get drunk because I know I’m wild when I’m drunk. Hahaha. But there were so many people came and “CHEERS!“. Have to give face right?? LOL

 Sorry for neglecting my blog 😛 Its almost the end of the month already.

Wishes everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! May the year of rabbit brings you loads of joy and happiness 😉




It feels like yesterday when I welcome 2010 and said goodbye to 2009.


I WELCOME 2011 and BYEBYE 2010!

2011 is the year of rabbit!!

May you be blessed with lots and lots and lots of JOY, HAPPINESS and LOVE. Most importantly, may you be in good health 😀


Port Dickson

 Its a last minute decision I made to go to Port Dickson to my uncle’s house last last weekend. Since we got nothing to do at home.

I don’t quite like this car =X Hahaha.

Aww…my dad with baby. Baby putting his hand on dad’s shoulder like “heng dai” 😛

The beach in the evening. I didn’t get in the seawater. I didnt even soak my legs 😀 Why?? Because the seawater is so BROWN!

The beach isn’t that bad actually. Haha. Though the seawater is dirty but still its a nice place to spend the time with family and let the kids out to play and runs freely.

I brought my KITE!

Dad playing with baby 😀

Baby having lots of fun playing with dad. How cute?!?!?!!! *pinches*

Blow bubble!!!! oooOOoooOooo

The next day, early in the morning around 7am. We went to the beach again! This time we played games 😀

PACMAN!!! Hahaha.

I climbed up the tree! 😀

 Dad and baby didn’t go to the beach. When we reached home, saw dad and baby watching youtube video in the garden. Dad don’t want me already T______________T

 I LOVE babies!! Especially those chubby chubby and those playful one 😛






Thailand Trippu

I just realized I go to Thailand every end of the year =.= Whats so nice about Thailand? Hahaha.

A very long and tiring trip. Sat in the bus for more than 48hours. Can you imagine?!?!

Krabi to Phuket to Hattyai



The bus. I never wanna get in a bus anymore =X There’s only ONE driver. I’m really proud of the driver. Driving all day long without looking tired and his driving skill was good!!


To the emerald pool.

It drizzled throughout the day. Bought a raincoat for myself. Only 20baht.

Rapid water flowing.  The water flows all the way to the pool, they called it EMERALD POOL.


The pool was so so so damn clear!! I can actually see the toes of the lady 😀 I wished I could jump into that pool 😦 but I can’t T___T No extra clothes to change.

I wanna swim….! But its kinda dangerous. Because its really slippery and a boy, around 7 or 8 years old slipped and fell into the pool >.< nearly drown ah! Luckily there was this man jumped into the pool right away and held the boy.

Random shot. Nice? 😉 

LOOK AT THE ANTS!!!! So scary >.< I felt itchy when I saw them.. 


A muscular man carrying the traffic lights XD So cute XD


Camwhore =X 

Watched some china entertainment show while on the way to Phuket. I slept everytime I got in the bus 😀 hahaha! Even 15minutes distance, I slept XD hahaha.

 I thought I could send email back but I can’t 😦 Didn’t know why there’s no auto roaming or something. No signal at all 😦 I hate DIGI!

I FOUND MY CAR!!!! Mazda RX-7 *hearts* This car has been my favourite car for more then 8years!! And now, I still loving it 😛


A cute statue I found outside of a toilet. Haha. So cute!!! That woman has BRACES too!!! Like me!!! XD

 Orchid lah!


I don’t remember the name of this thing =X Went to the factory. I really don’t remember =.=

 Chung chung !!!! I ate this 😀 hahahaha! Tasteless.


School!  Their uniform is nice!! Better than Malaysia school uniform =X


I LOVE the interior of this hotel. Its very classy and comfortable 😀

 I want tattoo 😦

To the beach. Went to Ha Ha Island with a speedboat for 15minutes. The island sucks =.= Feels like going to Port Dickson. Maybe the seawater is clearer than PD but still….disappoint me =.=

First thing I did in the island was PARACHUTE. And it was also the last. WTF. Hahaha. I fell from the parachute. Um. It happened like this…While I was about to land, there was three guys – one followed on my back because the wind is too strong, I can’t go on my own and another two of them were suppose to hold me so I could land properly. Before I touched the ground, the guy on my back fell down. Then my turn and the two guys GRABBED my legs!! So I fell backwards and my head hit the guy’s KNEES! I burst into tears!!!!!! So f*cking pain ah!!

An hour later, I felt dizzy and unwell. Felt like I wanted to vomit. My face turned so pale!! Then they sent me to the hospital :X

Hahahaha. Gan jiong leh. Went to x-ray and CT scan. Result: a little crack at the backbone of my neck. Nothing serious lah. But I look quite serious XD After this incident, I got no mood during the whole trip. All I had in mind was…”I wanna go home“.


This restaurant was so grand

 The interior very very beautiful 😀 


Went to pray pray Guan Yin Ma. 

Different day, different color. Its Saturday represents the Forest. Its purple color!

Hattyai Ice Dome.

Very cold. I don’t know the temperature. Its below negative of course!

I have more pictures but lazy to post them all =X Besides, I didn’t have much fun this trip. Its so tiring and I felt so sick. I’m sick before I’m back from Thailand until today. It was like…2 to 3 weeks already. I don’t wanna go Thailand anymore =X

A Birthday

I was in college and I received an sms. “Wanna join us for KS birthday at JJ KimGary tonight?”. Hahaha. I said OKAY right away. Its so hard for us to gather 😦 Though not all of us, but its still nice to have these friends together. So many things to talked about. Some went to Uni in other states and some were working. Its so hard to meet up 😦

Left out ONE candle. He’s 20!!! Happy 20th Birthday Kai Sheng 😀

The birthday boy feeling really embarrassed XD Haha. He’s blushing!!

My form 6 mates 😀 All went on their own way. Hope to have our next gathering soon 😀 Hee hee. (This picture looks like we’re going on a blind date) LOL.


I TELL YOU!!! Best chicken rice EVER………….!!! Hahaha. One day, we have to cook and eat NINE CHICKENS!!!

Chicken pie. I love it! Damn oishii~~~ ❤ 

Asam laksa 😀 I love sour and spicy food! Haha. But too much would effect my health 😦 So, I have to control…not to eat too much spicy and sour food.

CUTEST snowman!!! Damn cute ah XD Its a croquette. Cloves are used to make the hand, eyes and nose. Hahaha.

Oh well. My classmates all very ke po =.=

Lemme explain this situation. A lorry wanted to make a turning but there’re TWo MYvi(s) blocking the lorry’s way. Like in the photos.

1st Myvi

2nd Myvi on its back. So you see…the lorry can’t make the turning. If he do the turning, the Myvi surely mampus. LOL. And you know what the lorry driver did??

He made BOTH Myvi tyres puncture!!! and the poor sentra too. Cilantro students started to crowd the scene. LOL. All so kepo XD XD I was too busy upstairs. Hahaha. Benny, one of my classmate poured water on my BB and made me DAMN BLOODY MAD!!! I posted about the incident on my wall in FB. He commented on it and kept apologising. And I said jokingly “go opposite college and buy me a piece of secret recipe’s cake then i’ll forgive you”. That silly fella really BOUGHT ME a CHOCO INDULGENCE! Hahaha. Am I really that scary when i’m angry?? Hahaha.

Minutes later. I saw this indian(the lorry driver) sat on the pavement. The scene was like (Police, please forgive me for I have sinned) XD Hahaha. He was really loud yelling and shouting about the both Myvi blocking his way. Now, he’s like so soft… XD XD

Later, I saw one of the Myvi owner came back to the scene with MYDIN plastic bag. There was this air pump thingy! Hahaha. The indian took it and pump air into the tyres. LOL! Damn stupid lah. Alamak >.<

Today’s theory class SUCKS!! We did nothing in class!! But to listen to the lecturer’s grandmother stories. WTF. Waste my time and petrol going to college and return home after less than 2hours! URGH!!!

Stupid Benny facebook-ing beside me =.= LOL. Um. While I’m BBM-ing XD hahahaha.












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